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hSo-Hybrid Cloud Adoption - Cloud opportunities and challenges
hSo-Hybrid Cloud Adoption- Scalability & Security with Hybrid Cloud
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Public Vs. Private Cloud

Take advantage of the best of both worlds: Public cloud scalability and private cloud control.
Public cloud offers a lot of benefits, but most firms don't want to put EVERYTHING in the public cloud.
hSo helps you seamlessly integrate public clouds, on-premise servers and third party hosting to create a unified system that meets your requirements.

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hSo-Hybrid Cloud Adoption - About Private Cloud
hSo-Hybrid Cloud Adoption - About Public  Cloud

Your Cloud, Security & IT Infrastructure   Service Partner

Cloud opportunities
and challenges

Scalability & Security with Hybrid Cloud

How to manage your vDC infrastructure

What's Inside

The big public cloud services are fantastic but they are not right for every organisation.

Sometimes, the public cloud can be too expensive. Particularly if you have a lot of VMs that will occasionally require a lot of memory and processing power.

So we've created an alternative option - an enterprise-class hosted virtualisation service that delivers the perfect hosting environment for your applications. We 
combine VMware vCloud Director with enterprise-grade hardware, a multi-gigabit resilient network, service monitoring systems, secure rackspace in UK data centres and a team of virtualisation support staff.  

Want the flexibility of the Public Cloud but don’t want to compromise on the resilience and security of your own network?

Thanks to hSo’s Cloud Direct you can now benefit from an ultra-secure and highly efficient connection of your private MPLS network to our third-party Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) partners, Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. We ensure that your assets are available anytime, anywhere through dedicated connectivity whilst giving you greater control and security over your data.

With our direct connections, we allow your mission-critical applications, such as Office 365, to benefit from low-latency network performance.

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

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Questions? Get in touch with our Technical Sales Team

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T: +44 (0)207 847 4537

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E: sue.turner@hso.co.uk

“We’re relishing the freedom of not having to manage the solution ourselves. hSo has been managing the whole process, including the routing and configuration.”

Mark Boardman,
Infrastructure Manager, CIPD


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  • Fully managed service from deployment, advanced monitoring, migration support to disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-class data centres ensuring a
    high-standard of service consistency, technical support and application uptime
  • Service Level Agreements with your needs in mind and emphasising our level of commitment to you 
  • London-based team of technical experts on-call 24/7/365 to support you – anytime, anywhere

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E: jamie.langham@hso.co.uk

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E: mark.webster@hso.co.uk

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